The S-Pro is a compact espresso machine with a modern look. Ideal for use in offices. The coffee specialties are of excellent quality. They are freshly prepared from coffee beans that are ground by the Ditting mill with ceramic grinding discs.

The look of the tempered glass front and the 7-inch full-colour touchscreen can be adjusted. For example, the dealer’s logo can be displayed. The S-Pro meets the strictest requirements of user safety. With this, Veromatic offers a compact espresso machine that can be easily used both in vending as in offi ces, with a capacity of 80 cups per hour.

Making espresso is a subtle method of making coffee, so the bean grinder must be of good quality. During the process, water is “forced” through the coffee under high pressure, in a very short time. As a result, the use of the correct “gravel”, in order to offer sufficient resistance to the water, is of great importance.

The S-Pro contains a compact but powerful Swiss-made Ditting on-demand grinder. The grinder is (manually) continuously adjustable from a fine espresso grind to French press. This allows an unlimited search for suitable grinding to optimally influence the lead time. This results in an optimal extraction and therefore the best coffee quality. By grinding the coffee on demand, the aroma of the coffee remains intact until the brewing process.

If you are interested in the S-Pro, do not hesitate to contact us.