Maintenance of your coffee machine

Maintenance of your coffee machine is very important. Your Veromatic machine needs daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance. By properly maintaining a coffee machine, the lifespan of the machine is optimally utilized and the taste of the coffee remains its quality. Good maintenance prevents repairs to the coffee machine. Curious about how you can maintain your machine properly? Check out our resources:

Maintenance videos

In our videos you will find a brief instruction on how to maintain the Veromatic Minibar machines. It also includes a brief instruction on how to fill the containers of your Minibar.

Maintenance blog

In this blog you find everything that has to do with the maintenance of your coffee machine. The blog covers daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance in order to keep a coffee machine in good condition.

Repair your coffee machine

Coffee machines are often used a lot and it can happen that a machine slowly wears out. No matter how well you maintain a machine, they are still machines that can break down. If something does break, you must repair the coffee machine. Repairing a broken coffee machine is often better for the environment than buying a new one, because less materials and energy are required.

Our technical support department

When you are a dealer of our coffee machines and a machine breaks down, what do you do? If your own technician is unable to repair the coffee machine, please contact our technical support department. Our technical support representative will help you solve the problem with the coffee machine. Would you like to report a repair for your coffee machine to our technical service?

Veromatic machines

Veromatic designs and manufactures professional coffee machines. When you become a Veromatic dealer, our technical service is prepared to help. In addition, we provide sales and service training so that you can sell and maintain our machines in a professional manner.