Research & Development

Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us. That is why we develop innovative (coffee)machines. These are based on input from our business partners, who are in close contact with end users. Our research & development strongly focuses on the user experience – the experience that the user has when using the Veromatic product. In addition to developing perfect in-cup quality, we also pay much attention to the user’s experience during the machine’s brewing process. This ranges from the touch of a button to the end product in the cup.

We constantly test our machines against market demands. The internal development process of the Veromatic machines strongly focuses on this. We strive for optimal quality of consumption, a clear user interface, good value for money, and easy maintenance, hygiene and durability of the machines.

Optimal intuitive operation

Veromatic strives for optimal ease of use for the end user. The development of the user interface focuses on a simple, intuitive operation. Pressing a button as little as possible in order to create an optimally personalised product is a positive challenge for the R&D department. In addition, the department continuously works on processing the latest operating technologies (touch and swipe) in the machines.

Unique Veromatic technology

We take pride in our own unique technology. An example of this is the Vero brewer, which is used in our fresh brew machines. This brewer ensures perfect coffee quality. Our modular approach is also distinctive. A good example of this is the application of 4 different coffee-making processes (instant, fresh brew, bean-to-brew, and espresso), all-in-one machine: Sileo.

The modular approach gives our customers an advantage in managing the inventory of spare parts. This applies to the warehouse and in the service cars. This approach also enables us to build tailor- made machines in an efficient manner. As a Veromatic partner, you have easy access to a clear, personalized machine portfolio.

Durable and sustainable

Veromatic strives to minimise the impact on the environment when producing the machines. Veromatic deals critically with the use of energy, materials, and water. For example, Veromatic works exclusively with recyclable steel and is a member of the Wecycle Foundation. However, sustainability, origins and quality of the material are also part of the product development process. Veromatic is critical about the amount of material used and about the energy consumption of its machines.