Minibar Instant

The Minibar Instant coffee machine serves a wide range of drinks. From coffee and coffee specialties to chocolate drink. In addition, the machine has a separate outlet for hot water and is easy to operate. By default, the machine has the ability to control the coffee strength. It is also equipped with cup sensors. Selected settings are easily visible on the 2-line display.

The Minibar Instant has 4 canisters as standard, intended for adjusted to the environment: for a maximum result. instant coffee, milk topping, cocoa, and sugar. They are linked to 3 mixers with a strong motor. Veromatic has fully developed this system based on years of experience. It guarantees the best in-cup quality!

Simple operation
The Minibar Instant is very user-friendly. The machine is easily operated through a touchscreen, on which the strength of the selected beverage can also be adjusted. There are 10 options; you can choose from 7 coffee specialties, chocolate drink, hot water, and a pot of coffee (300 ml). The machine also offers the possibility to prepare a coffee specialty and hot water at the same time. The Minibar Instant is equipped with cup sensors. Before the drink can be made, they first register whether a cup has been placed. This prevents waste and contamination of the drip tray. The Minibar Instant is equipped with a user-friendly service programme with which the required maintenance actions can be carried out very easily.

The Minibar Instant can easily be provided with the logo of the dealer or the logo of the customer. The branded PETG slide is illuminated at the rear by an LED panel. The brightness can be adjusted to the environment: for a maximum result.

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 46.1 × 31.0 × 59.4 cm

230V, 50 Hz, 2000W heating element


gravity boiler 1,75 liter, 2kW






0,85 liter with sensor


80 cups per hour

Fixed water connection


Energy Save mode

VIPS (Veromatic Intelligent Power Saving)

Telemetry prepared

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