Forza 3

When the demand for coffee is really peaking, the Forza is the best machine to use. It has two dispensing points and a capacity for a maximum of 750 cups per hour. A very efficient machine, with which telemetry can be used to remotely monitor coffee consumption (if connected via MDB). No matter how many employees and visitors there may be, they are always quickly assured of the best quality coffee. The Forza can prepare a range of specialties, from coffee to wiener melange and hot chocolate drink. In addition, a jug of coffee and hot water are also options. The cold-water function is optional, for which the Forza can be provided with a cold-water unit. Both the operation and maintenance of the Forza are simple and very user- friendly.

Easy operation
The Forza is very user-friendly. Via the touchscreen, the desired drink can be easily selected. The coffee strength can also be selected, except for the coffee jugs.

■ Easy to use and maintain
■ Comprehensible control screen
■ Brewing system Instant
■ Number of users: unlimited
■ Capacity: 750 drinks per hour
■ Drink variations: Instant Coffee / Instant Jug function
■ Content 5,1 liters
■ Instant coffee 474 grams
■ Cocoa 1428 grams
■ Topping 2658 grams

Use & maintenance
■ Sensor:
The sensor gives a warning when the drip tray is full
Machine indicates when the reservoir is empty
■ Bilingual:
Dutch and English

■ Payment system (optional)
■ Double dispensing (optional)
■ Dispensing height 190 mm
■ Base cabinet (optional)
■ Cooled water (optional)
■ Automatic rinsing programme
■ Full-colour 4.3-inch display
■ Customer interface: Touchscreen Capacitive
■ Telemetry (optional via MDB)

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 49.5 × 31.0 × 74.5 cm
Weight with integrated water cooler

65 kg




250 cups per hour 3kW; 750 cups per hour 9kW

Hot water


Option for coffee pot

max. height of the pot 35 cm


5,1 liter

Coffee reservoir

474 gram

Cocoa reservoir

1428 gram

Topping reservoir

1160 gram

Sugar reservoir

1800 gram