Minibar Soup

The Minibar Soup offers consumers a choice of three different soups. The strength of the soup can easily be adjusted through the menu. If there is demand for other soups, the soups can easily be changed, and the options menu can be adjusted. With the Minibar Soup, a savoury snack is always available.

– small adjustments with extreme effects
– every culture has its own preferences
– great taste needs the ‘wow-factor’

The Minibar Soup has 3 canisters that can be filled with a favourite soup. Topping up the soup containers is easy thanks to the automatic service programme from Veromatic, which is installed in the machine. A choice can be made from three soups, whereby the strength and quantity can also be adjusted. If you choose a completely different soup, the product name labels can easily be changed as well.

Simple operation

The Minibar Soup is very user-friendly. The machine is easily operated through capacitive touch keys. There are three choices of soups, and the strength of the chosen soup can be chosen through the start key. The machine is equipped with a cup sensor. Before the soup can be made, it registers whether a cup has been placed to collect the soup. This prevents waste and contamination of the drip tray. In addition, the Minibar Soup is equipped with a user-friendly service programme with which the required maintenance actions can be carried out very easily.


The Minibar Soup can easily be provided with the logo of the dealer or the logo of the customer. The branded PETG slide is illuminated at the rear by an LED panel. The brightness can be adjusted to the environment: for a maximum result.

Additional information

Weight 24.5 kg
Dimensions 46.1 × 31.0 × 59.4 cm

230V, 50 Hz, 2000W heating element


gravity boiler 1,75 liter, 2kW




100 cups per hour



Fixed water connection