At Veromatic we are aware of what coffee can do for an organization. Our slogan is “To bring happiness at work” for a reason. We understand that you want to enjoy a cup of coffee every day. To make sure you are able to do this, the machine must always work properly. Maintenance is essential for a long lifespan of a machine and good coffee taste. In this article we tell you everything about how to keep a coffee machine in good condition.

Advantages of a well-maintained coffee machine

Put enough time into the maintenance of the coffee or espresso machine. If you do not clean the coffee machine properly, it can cause a bitter or sour taste to the coffee. The machine can also break down because it clogs up. If you maintain the machine properly and replace the water filter with the correct settings every year, you will extend the life of the machine. With that, you will also avoid frequent repairs.

Coffee machine maintenance

The maintenance of a coffee machine includes daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance and annual maintenance. It is like at home, everything has to be maintained there too. Not always fun to do, but it has to be done. This is also the case with a coffee machine: Consistent maintenance extends the life of a machine and ensures that you can enjoy your cup of coffee.

In the following chapters we explain the different maintenance intervals. Before we start with this, we like to list a few tools that are useful for maintenance. Make sure you always have it at hand when you are doing maintenance:

  • Bowl or bucket
  • Warm water
  • Brush
  • Clean cloth

Tip! Make someone responsible for the maintenance of the machine. This way it will not be forgotten and your machine will remain clean and work properly.

Daily maintenance

Is a coffee machine used every day? Then it will be heavily taxed. To maintain good taste, it is important to maintain the coffee machine daily. There are various tasks that need to be done daily. For example, daily rinsing, the waste bins must be emptied, the canisters must be filled and the machine must be cleaned. By keeping the exterior of the machine clean, it remains pleasant and hygienic to use.

Weekly maintenance and monthly maintenance

With the above mentioned daily activities you can keep the machine in good working order. When you also perform the weekly and monthly maintenance activities, the machine stays in even better condition! You should therefore clean the following parts properly:

  • Brewing system by means of extensive rinsing program
  • The mixers
  • The canisters (storage canisters)

If you always keep these parts clean, you ensure that you can use your machine optimally.

Watch our maintenance videos for a visual explanation of the maintenance of a Minibar machine.

Yearly maintenance

As mentioned, you also have the annual maintenance of a coffee machine. Various actions must also be carried out here. Our technical department often takes care of this for our customers and then ticks off the following tasks:

  • Before starting with the maintenance, the technical service asks the customer if there are any questions, details and / or comments.
  • Then all moving parts are checked. Wearing parts are replaced if necessary. Furthermore, the operation of the machine and the dosage of the coffee are checked.
  • It is checked whether the daily maintenance is being carried out. If it turns out that this is not the case or that this is unclear, it will be gladly explained again.
  • The water filter is being replaced.
  • The overall condition of the machine is checked and assessed.

We hope that with all these tips and information we have informed you sufficiently about the maintenance of a coffee machine. Do you want useful tools for the maintenance of your machines? Then we have a number of videos about machine maintenance on our website. Or do you have questions or comments about the maintenance of your Veromatic machine? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!