We attach great importance to the quality of coffee. The machines must be perfectly adjusted to our client’s coffee. Wondering how we can achieve this? Thomas Bosson, our Coffee Technology Engineer, deals with the taste and quality of coffee on a daily basis. In this blog he talks about his work and how he ensures the best in-cup quality with Veromatic coffee machines. 

Thomas, what do you do at Veromatic?

My work is very diverse. It mainly comes down to performing research, analysis and hands-on testing in relation to preparing coffee and the technology that goes with it. 

You can see the coffee machines as a small factory, where several employees have to work together to deliver a good result. I can be seen as the supervisor. The interaction between the machine and the product ultimately determines the so-called in-cup quality.

What does a day at Veromatic look like for you?

Most days I spend in the ‘coffee lab’, this is a room in the building that I have renamed myself for this purpose. Here I have all the peace, space and resources which I need to do my research. In addition, I spend a lot of time behind my laptop to define and work out research plans, analyse results and look at new components and machines.

Every day is different. Sometimes I create new settings for the machines, sometimes I research coffee beans for a client and sometimes I give training to external parties. That’s what makes my work so much fun!

Now comes the question we’ve all been waiting for: How do you ensure optimal in-cup quality for coffee?

We can fill a book with that and it even depends on different variables per brewing method. In our case, the interaction between the product and the machine is particularly important. Every coffee or milk powder works differently.

When a client wants specific advice about their product, I start with an analysis. Here, I analyse the coffee and/or milk product that the client provides us with in order to arrive at an optimal ‘recipe’ for their product in our machines. I look at the quality of the beans, the extraction values, the strength of the coffee, the crema, I make test notes and much more! 

I develop this research into a report, which the client receives from me. This report states exactly what I have done and how the parameters work. This way the client learns more about their coffee, how the coffee works and about coffee preparation. 

You also give workshops about the machines and coffee. What kind of workshops do you give?

That’s right. I give workshops to clients about our machines and how to prepare coffee. Here, I answer questions such as ‘What do you have to pay attention to when adjusting the machine with the coffee?’ I also give workshops to sales teams. Within these workshops, I go deeper into the in-cup quality and the emotion that comes with it. I make a connection between two aspects and show a sales team how to use this in their sales process. For example, I answer the following question: ‘How can the sales team sell the machine at its best?

To conclude: What is your favorite cup of coffee and how many cups do you drink per day?

I prefer to drink slow coffee. For this I use a cone shaped filter, the Hario V60. You might not expect it, but the material, the shape of the filter and the type of filter with which you make your cup of coffee also play a role in the taste. So I always pay close attention to this. Furthermore, I drink 1 or 2 cups a day. Of course I drink my coffee in black. As pure as possible!

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