At Veromatic we stand for durability. We strive to burden the environment as little as possible in the production of our machines. We value it when our partners also have this approach. We are happy to collaborate with companies that also have sustainability high on their list and what to make impact. Natulatte is such a company!

Natulatte, the company of Astrid van Santen, is specialized in Vegan coffee creamer and lattes. The products are 100% Vegan and lactose free. Natulatte products are made from oat milk. Oat milk helps you save 70% on CO2 emissions. Looking at land use and water use the impact is even bigger: you can save as much as 1200%. And that by simply adjusting the powder in your machine to Vegan milk powder!. “Astrid’s passion and inspirational enthusiasm together with her product is exactly what fits in today’s spirit of consumer awareness. This is the formula for success and a better world,” says Marco de Wildt, Managing Director at Veromatic International B.V.


When we enter into a partnership, we make an analysis report of the specific coffee that goes into the machines. In addition, we adjust the machine settings to the specific coffee to guarantee quality. We also did this for Natulatte. Astrid came to Veromatic on the 7th of July for a test day. During the test day we searched together for the optimal in-cup settings of the products to produce a delicious “Vegaccino” and Cacao from Natulatte. The machines are now set up in such a way that the optimal in-cup quality comes out of the machines.

All in all, a successful test day! Do you want custom made coffee machines just like Natulatte? Please contact us. We are always open for new dealerships. Want to read more about a becoming a dealer of Veromatic? Read more.