Perto 2 Espresso

Simple maintenance
The Perto Espresso is easy to maintain. The coffee machine has an automatic rinsing programme that guarantees optimal internal cleaning. The interior is also practical. This ensures that cleaning is carried out in no time.

Energy efficient
The Perto Espresso is very energy efficient, thanks to the Veromatic Intelligent Power Saving (VIPS) software that is installed in all Veromatic machines. The machine warms up the water for a peak moment and goes into idle status when the machine has not been used for a while.

■ Easy to use and maintain
■ Comprehensible control screen
■ Brewing system Beans/Instant
■ Number of users up to 30-75
■ Capacity: 100 drinks per hour
■ Drink variations: 10

Brewing time products
■ Espresso 35 seconds
■ Caffè cream/coffee 42 seconds
■ Cappuccino 43 seconds
■ Caffè latte 30 seconds
■ Latte Macchiato 47 seconds
■ Chocolate milk 12 seconds
■ Hot water 11 seconds

Use & maintenance
■ Sensor:
The sensor gives a warning when the drip tray is full
Machine indicates when the reservoir is empty
■ Bilingual:
Dutch and English
■ Quality guarantee:
The machine gives a warning when the canister is empty

■ Payment system (optional)
■ Double dispensing (optional)
■ Dispensing height 190 mm
■ Base cabinet (optional)
■ Automatic rinsing programme
■ Full-colour display
■ Customer interface: Touchscreen Capacitive
■ Telemetry (optional)

Additional information

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 54.0 × 35.0 × 84.5 cm

250V, 50Hz, 2,25kW


1,75 liter

Espresso boiler

0,5 liter






100 cups per hour

Fixed water connection